Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a quick list of the equipment I use!
I’ll add notes to the products and tell you if they work or if I need to figure out something etc.

That’s a current list of hardware I use and tested so far (guess that setup will be the current and default one)

You may ask now “what’s up with the Hub thing?”.
I’ll explain it:

A Hub without external power supply won’t supply enough power for some devices!


That’s it in short. My external HDD isn’t powered enough that’s why raspbmc can’t find the device and even via SSH I’m unable to see it.
The Bluetooth Dongle isn’t getting enough power either. It’s found by hcitool but the status is “DOWN”.

Solution => I now ordered a second USB Hub with external power supply.

#Temporary Hack

You will need a Y USB cable.

I connect the USB Hub to the Y cable.
From the Y cable goes one cable to the Raspberry Pi.
The other one goes into a USB power supply right into the power outlet.

Works fine so far, but I won’t recommend such a setup, but at least the HDD is now found and working.



Current Setup
The short URL of this article is: https://dustpla.net/ScqVC

One thought on “Current Setup

  • April 14, 2020 at 6:03 am

    nice setup! reminds me of some of the setups i have had in the past


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